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AGE OF DECEIT FULL Fallen Angels And The New World Order Watch Full Video

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Abstract art depicting a large, ancient tree at the center, symbolizing wisdom and the passage of time. Faint, ethereal light rays encircle the tree, creating an aura of mystery. The background is a starry night sky, representing the vast universe and the human pursuit of understanding beyond our visible world. The image evokes a deep sense of wonder and the timeless quest for knowledge.
Enigmatic Wisdom: The Ancient Tree of Knowledge and Mystery

A World Shrouded in Mystery

The documentary "Age of Deceit" plunges into the complex world of global conspiracy theories, scrutinizing the underpinnings of politics, religion, and societal structures. This article aims to dissect the documentary's core themes, revealing their implications for our understanding of the world.

The Biblical Foundation of Deception

The Apostle Paul's epistles, as featured in the documentary, serve as a solemn warning against deception, cautioning believers against being misled by false doctrines (Ephesians 5)​​. These early Christian texts are pivotal in understanding the film's interpretation of deceit and its pervasive nature in contemporary society.

Prophetic Misinterpretations and Esoteric Authors

The film explores the misinterpretations of biblical prophecies and the influence of esoteric authors like Alice Bailey, whose writings are said to inspire New Age philosophies and the alleged agenda of the New World Order​​.

The Origin of Deception: The Biblical Tale of Adam, Eve, and Satan

"Age of Deceit" returns to the Genesis account of Adam and Eve, portraying Satan as the progenitor of deceit. This original lie, according to the documentary, is the basis for numerous New Age beliefs and the ambition for human immortality through intellect, technology, and science​​.

The Evolution of Humanity: A New Age and New World Order Perspective

The documentary asserts that both the New Age movement and the New World Order revolve around the idea of humanity's evolution into higher spiritual beings, suggesting a future where religious differences cease, and a utopian era emerges. This concept is challenged by biblical prophecy and raises questions about the ultimate truth​​.

Secret Societies and Theosophy: The Hidden Influences

The film delves into the influence of secret societies and theosophical teachings, highlighting their alleged role in shaping the New World Order and their historical connection to esoteric philosophies​​.

Discrediting Christianity: The Modern Era's Challenge

A significant portion of the documentary focuses on how modern writings and secret societies attempt to discredit Christianity, portraying it as contrary to the ancient mysteries and secret knowledge sought by these groups​​.

The Chaos Strategy: A New World Order Agenda

The filmmakers propose that the elite's creation of chaos and conflict is a deliberate strategy to establish a new system of governance, aligning with what they identify as the real New World Order agenda​​.

Alien Encounters and Spiritual Deception

The documentary touches on alien abductions and spiritual entities, suggesting these experiences could be manifestations of demonic forces, adding a new dimension to the discourse on deception and spiritual warfare​​.

End Times Prophecies and the Deception of Humanity

Biblical prophecies regarding the end times and the rise of deceiving entities are extensively discussed, with references to the Apostle John's visions and Jesus Christ's warnings about false prophets and mass deception​​.

The Luciferian Doctrine: A Philosophical Underpinning

The documentary examines the luciferian doctrine, which promotes the idea of humans attaining god-like status through intellect and the rejection of traditional Christian beliefs about sin and morality​​.

Modern Society's Struggle with Truth and Deception

The film suggests that contemporary society is deeply entangled in deception, influenced by teachings that diverge significantly from Christian teachings, leading to a world where truth is often obscured​​.

The Role of Secret Knowledge and Societal Manipulation

"Age of Deceit" argues that secret knowledge held by a select few has been used to manipulate and control society, with many unknowingly contributing to this cycle of secrecy and deception​​.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Layers of Deceit

"Age of Deceit" offers a provocative perspective on the forces shaping our world, intertwined with biblical narratives and conspiracy theories. It challenges viewers to question the nature of truth and the hidden dynamics of power and control. While its interpretations are subject to debate, the documentary undeniably opens up dialogue about the complex and often obscured realities of our global society.


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