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Unleash the Power of Galactic Alliance: Earn Rewards Points on Every Purchase!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Discover the untapped potential of the Galactic Alliance and unlock a universe of rewards with each purchase you make!

Table of Contents

  • Earning Galactic Alliance Points

  • Galactic Alliance Rewards Tiers

  • Tips to Maximize Galactic Alliance Point Accumulation

  • Redemption Process and Flexibility

  • Conclusion

Are you ready to experience a loyalty program that is truly out of this world? Look no further than Galactic Alliance, the extraordinary loyalty program of Shop-UFO.COM. With Galactic Alliance, you can unlock stellar benefits and enjoy incredible rewards for your purchases. Let's dive into the details and see how this loyalty program can turn your shopping experience into a true cosmic adventure!

Earning Galactic Alliance Points

Every time you make a purchase on Shop-UFO.COM, you earn Galactic Alliance points based on the amount you spend. For every dollar you spend, you will receive 1 Galactic Alliance point. But that's not all! When you sign up for an account on our website, you will instantly receive 25 UFO points as a welcome bonus.

Earning Galactic Alliance points not only allows you to save money on future purchases but also rewards your loyalty as a valued customer. The more you shop with us, the more points you accumulate, opening the door to even greater cosmic benefits!

Galactic Alliance Rewards Tiers

Galactic Alliance offers two exciting tiers of rewards, each with its own amazing benefits that will leave you starstruck.

Tier 1: 100 Galactic Alliance points = $5 off orders over $50

By reaching 100 Galactic Alliance points, you can enjoy $5 off your orders over $50. Imagine the new possibilities to explore the galaxy of products on Shop-UFO.COM while saving some hard-earned cash. Picture yourself upgrading your spacecraft with the latest gadgets or adding unique collectibles to your intergalactic treasure trove.

To make the most of this reward, consider planning your purchases strategically. Keep an eye out for new arrivals, limited-time promotions, or seasonal sales that can help you reach the $50 threshold. This way, you can enjoy both the satisfaction of acquiring top-notch products and the thrill of redeeming your Galactic Alliance reward!

Tier 2: 200 Galactic Alliance points = $13 off orders over $100

If you're aiming for even greater rewards, set your sights on the 200 Galactic Alliance points milestone. At this tier, you will unlock $13 off your orders over $100, allowing you to make substantial savings on your extraterrestrial shopping spree.

Reaching the 200 Galactic Alliance points milestone not only doubles the reward potential but also showcases your dedication as a true space enthusiast. Whether it's upgrading to the latest warp drive technology or grabbing stunning space-themed artwork for your living quarters, this reward will make your dreams closer to reality.

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Tips to Maximize Galactic Alliance Point Accumulation

To accumulate Galactic Alliance points efficiently, make it a habit to regularly browse the vast catalog of products on Shop-UFO.COM. From quirky alien-inspired apparel to mind-bending puzzles and fascinating extraterrestrial literature, there is something for every space lover.

Keep an eye out for special offers, discounts, or sale events that can help you earn points faster. By seizing these opportunities, you can not only grow your Galactic Alliance points balance but also uncover hidden gems and add to your interstellar collection.

Redemption Process and Flexibility

When it comes time to reap the rewards of your Galactic Alliance points, the process couldn't be easier. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account on Shop-UFO.COM.

  2. Add the desired items to your shopping cart.

  3. During the checkout process, you will have the option to redeem your Rewards Points.

  4. Select the amount of points you wish to apply to your purchase.

  5. Enjoy the instant savings and complete your order.

You can decide whether to use them as a partial payment towards your order or save them up to unlock even greater discounts in the future. The choice is yours!


Now that you've glimpsed the power and potential of Galactic Alliance, it's time to join the adventure and start earning rewards points on every purchase. With each dollar you spend at Shop-UFO.COM, you will inch closer to unlocking stellar benefits and gaining incredible savings. Don't miss out on this out-of-this-world opportunity – sign up for Galactic Alliance today and embark on a journey through the cosmos of rewards!

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